How to Find Us

By subway

BISS is conveniently located close to the city center, just 5 minutes walk from?An Hua Qiao Station on subway Line 8, seen at the bottom left of the map below labelled An Hua Bridge (Qiao = bridge).

To walk from the station to school:

  • Use exit C1 and?walk?against the traffic towards the overpass bridge
  • Turn left onto the bridge and walk straight toward the?CNOOC building?next to the Fujian hotel?(as in picture below)

  • Go up over the?foot bridge parallel to the sidewalk (easy than sticking to the footpath!)
  • Turn left at first corner, and head past the Fujian Hotel to your left, towards the An Zhen Xi Li community gate (as in picture below)

  • You will see the BISS track and fields diagonally to your right once you pass through the gate. Go straight a little further for the main entrance, which will be on?your right.

By car/taxi

Visitors coming by car can find us diagonally across (North-East)?from the?Fujian Hotel, which is located?North of the Forbidden City,?on the North side of the?North 3rd Ring Road.

If you are taking a taxi, please present the following directions to the driver for your convenience:?

朝阳区安贞桥西,北三环中路,中国木偶剧院对面,福建大厦与深房大厦之间路口进 (365bet 网址_365bet送金_365bet取款)

(Our address in English is:?No. 17, Area 4,?An Zhen Xi Li,?Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029)

Feel free to call us at?+8610 64433151?for further assistance. We look forward to seeing you at BISS!

Note for Google Maps users: Google Maps?sometimes mistakenly pinpoints BISS far to the east of our actual location. If you use Google Maps, please turn on the satellite view and look for our reddish all-weather running track?and?fields next to the school building.