ISS Singapore

Did you ever wonder where the "BISS"?in Beijing BISS International School came from? Well,?ISS International School (ISS)?in Singapore,?founded in 1981, is our?"mother school", so originally we started as Beijing ISS, but in Beijing, are known as Beijing BISS International School!


365bet取款365bet 网址ISS is an?International Baccalaureate?(IB) World School offering the three academic?IB programmes just like BISS,?from Kindergarten to Grade 12.?ISS has 800+ students and?is located on?two campuses:

  • Paterson Campus (Elementary and Middle School, on Paterson Road)?
  • Preston Campus (High School, located in a historical?military outpost used by the British Army during colonial times,?about?10 minutes drive from the Paterson Campus).

BISS and ISS collaborate on a number of events and projects, to the benefit of both schools. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Hosting Chinese language and cultural field trips
  • Sharing access to?programmes such as?summer school courses
  • Student?exchanges and facilitating family transfers to and from China and Singapore
  • Sharing resources such as?specialised staff?expertise for?Professional Development and accreditation tasks
  • Sharing governance expertise.